About Us

Providing Continuing Medical Education (CME) since 1975
and Continuing Education (CE) since 2015.


The mission of the UAMS Continuing Education (CE) Program is to assist healthcare professionals in their pursuit of life-long learning to improve their ability to employ strategies for patient care; quality improvement; medical knowledge; evidence-based medicine; practice-based learning and improvement; interprofessional collaborative care; interpersonal and communication skills; work in interprofessional teams: and systems-based practice.

Our Services

The content of activities are produced and developed by the Office of Continuing Education (OCE) and our joint sponsor relationships with other organizations including state health agencies, community and regional hospitals, and medical professional societies whose own missions are aligned with that of our own.

Our Continuing Education (CE) activities are developed based on needs assessment data to ensure that activities present current, state-of-the-art, evidence-based information in order to improve competence, performance and/or patient outcomes in Arkansas.

If you are interested in providing continuing education for your educational activity, please contact us early in the planning process. We have an experienced staff to guide you through the planning process to ensure that all accreditation expectations are met and your event is successful.