Conference Planning Services

UAMS Provided Activity Meeting Planning Services


UAMS OCE will manage all details for planning the educational activity includes, but not exclusive to:

  • Schedule and manage planning meetings
  • Provide instructional design consultation for developing the education plan
  • Completion of required UAMS forms, as needed
  • Obtain necessary UAMS and/or other approvals, as needed
  • Speaker management
      • Extend speaker invitations
      • Arrange travel and honorarium for guest speakers
      • Communication to ascertain and meet speaker needs
  • Financial Management
      • Prepare and process memorandum of agreements
      • Obtain a cost center account for financial transactions
      • Develop a working budget
      • Track revenue
      • Payment of all conference related expenses
      • Reconciliation of financial records
      • Final budgetary report
  • Venue Management
      • Identify appropriate venue
      • Negotiate hotel contracts, as needed
      • Reserve UAMS meeting space, as needed
      • Communicate with venue staff regarding onsite logistical arrangements
      • Processing of contracts, as needed
  • Coordinate catering
  • Coordinate AV arrangements and set-up


Registration Services


There are three types of registration services.  They are as follows:


Oversee the pre-registration process

  • Set-up meeting in database
  • Set-up online registration
  • Receive and process phone, fax, US mail, email registrations
  • Process credit card transactions
  • Handle deposit transactions
  • Prepare periodic reports as requested
  • Send confirmation notices to participants
  • Prepare name badges and certificates of attendance
  • Prepare all registration materials


Oversee on-site registration

  • Provide conference registration materials and supplies
  • Provide adequate staff to accommodate the number of attendees
  • Transport registration materials to and from registration site
  • Compile registration lists and sign-in sheets
  • Prepare name badges for on-site registrants
  • Assemble folders for handout materials
  • Set-up registration area
  • Maintain registration area throughout the activity
  • Generate and distribute certificates to attendees
  • Pay conference bills
  • Reconcile financial records
  • Prepare final income and expense statements
  • Prepare and submit final CME Activity Report to course director


Online Registration Service ONLY (not managing the conference details)

  • Set up meeting in tracking database
  • Obtain account fund number
  • Process online registration
  • Prepare registration report and updates for departmental contact – forward by e-mail
  • Prepare and make deposit to UAMS Treasurer’s Office
  • Forward deposit receipt to departmental contact
  • Process any on-site registrations that are collected at the time of the meeting
  • After the meeting, issue IDT for all registration fees collected and cancellations processed by OCE


Marketing and Promotional Services  

Additional costs may be incurred for design, printing, mailing, advertisements, etc. to market/promote the event and will be billed separately.

  • Coordination of materials design
  • Coordination of production and distribution of print promotional materials
  • Placement of advertisements  in appropriate publications (as needed)
  • Collect mailing lists/databases
  • Email marketing via Constant Contact
  • Development of basic conference webpage on UAMS CE site


Optional additional website services

  • Web hosting services for twelve months
  • Unique domain registration
  • Development of uniquely branded website (additional design fees may apply)
  • Includes up to 5 hours of labor for maintenance and updates  (additional fees will apply thereafter)


Abstract Presentations

  • Setup in the CE system
  • Manage poster submission
  • Correspond with submitters
  • Coordinate poster board order deliver, setup, and take down



Syllabus Preparation and Production Services

Additional costs incurred for material preparation such as copying, binding, notebooks, etc. will be billed separately.

  • Gather handout materials from speakers
  • Review all handout and instructional materials for ACCME compliance
  • Upload materials to a secure, password protected website
  • Communicate web address and password to registered participants prior to and at activity


  • Prepare and assemble content for printing
  • Coordinate production of materials
  • Copy and assemble participant packets


Evaluation Data Summary Services


Option 1: Web-based Evaluation Service

  • Preparation of web-based evaluation form
  • Distribution of evaluation via email*
  • Download and summarize data
  • Compile data and prepare evaluation analysis and summary reports

Option 2: Traditional Paper Evaluation Service

  • Prepare evaluation form and provide copies of form for participants
  • Scan evaluation forms post-conference
  • Compile data and prepare report
  • Distribute report to course director

Option 3: Web-based Post-Conference Follow-up Evaluation Service

  • 4-6 month post –activity web-based follow-up evaluation developed
  • Distribution of follow-up evaluation via email*
  • Download and summarize data


Grant Applications

 (Note: there are no guarantees that grant applications will receive financial awards)

  • Research availability of commercial educational grant opportunities
  • Collect, prepare and submit all requested documentation for a specific grant application(s)
  • Complete grant application process based on course needs assessment


 Exhibit Sales and Coordination Service

  • Establish vendor participation/budget goal
  • Research vendors based on educational target audience
  • Prepare vendor/exhibitor letters/emails
  • Prepare exhibitor packets
  • Post exhibitor packet to OCE website
  • Establish and coordinate exhibitor space
  • Create Exhibitor space/table signage
  • Request and coordinate exhibitor tables, chairs and electrical supply
  • Seek sponsors for meals/breaks who have no conflicts of interest (e.g., no pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturers)
  • Utilize marketing expertise to increase financial support
  • Process Letters of Agreement
  • Ensure compliance with Sunshine Act; CE Standards for Commercial Support; and other federal regulations, as needed
  • Ensure compliance with UAMS and state regulations