MOCA Simulation Course

The American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) considers simulation courses a valuable education experience.  The ABA encourages participation by weighing simulation courses three times heavier than alternative MOCA Part 4 activities.

For MOCA Part 4,  ABA diplomates must complete: (1) 25 points in Years 1-5 and (2) 25 points in Years 6-10, for a total of 50 points per 10-year cycle. Participants in a simulation course earn 20 points for completing the course and can earn 5 additional points if they choose to complete the post-course survey and 30-day follow-up to document practice improvements. As such, diplomates who complete the course, the post-course survey, and 30-day follow-up to document practice improvements get the entire required five years’ worth of Part 4 credit (25 points) as part of their current cycle.  Diplomates who choose to do so in each 5-year cycle get all of the required 50 points per 10-year cycle.

For information about the MOCA simulation course at UAMS, click here.

For detailed information about MOCA® requirements, please consult the American Board of Anesthesiology.

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