Tools and Resources

Application Planning

Your application must include:

  • Professional practice gaps
  • Knowledge need statement
  • Skill/strategy (competence) need statement
  • Needs Assessment documentation
  • Measurable learning objectives.

Practice Gap and Needs Assessment Worksheet

Verbs for Learning Objectives

Documents to Upload with Your Application

You will need to upload:

  • Draft agenda
  • Draft promotional materials
  • Preliminary budget.

Budget Template

Closing Report

Closing reports are due 30 days after the end of the activity. 

A closing report consists of:

  • Typed roster of attendance (use our excel template)
  • Scanned credit claim forms
  • Final budget reconciliation (excel)
  • Closing Report and Evaluation Summary & Analysis online form.

Typed Roster of Attendance Template (excel)

Other Helpful Documents

Your CloudCME Account (how to create a profile, how to change your password, etc)