Application Tips

  • Call us for a consultation before you start your new application: 501-661-7962
  • Do not use Internet Explorer. Use Chrome or Firefox as your web browser.
  • Fill out the Practice Gap and Needs Assessment Worksheet before you start your applicationThis worksheet mirrors the online form.  Once you have the gap and needs worked out, the rest of the application will be a breeze.
  • Save and Return – You can save and come back to the application later, but make sure all RED areas on the page are filled in before you save.  Otherwise you will lose your information.
  • Planners and Faculty Tab – Choose Option 1.  Put your planners and speakers in an excel spreadsheet (use this template) and upload that to the application.  If you choose the other option, you will not be able to submit your application until you have ALL of the financial disclosures for the planners and speakers.
  • Gap and Needs Tab – Choose BOTH Knowledge and Skill/Strategy and then provide a need statement for both (covered in the worksheet above).
  • Submit Your Application – When you’re ready to submit, Return to Applications List and then click on the Submit for Review button to the right of your application.
  • Applications received less than 6 weeks before the activity will be charged a rush fee.
  • Applications received 30 days or less before an activity will not be reviewed for approval.