All Physicians at UAMS are required to maintain their certification with the board representing their medical specialty. While each Board has developed its own specific requirements which must be met for Maintenance of Certification (MOC), they all have adopted the same four general requirements:

Part I. Professionalism and Professional Standing – including holding a valid, unrestricted medical license
Part II. Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment – educational activities, including self-assessment of knowledge
Part III. Assessment of Knowledge, Judgment, and Skills – primarily re-certification exam
Part IV. Improvement in Medical Practice – participate in assessing and improving health care

To meet Part IV of their MOC, a physician must participate in assessment and improvement activities designed to improve patient outcomes, the patient care experience, and the value of the health care experience in their own practice and/or within the broader medical system in which they practice.  These assessment and improvement activities are commonly referred to as Quality Initiatives (QI).

QI Projects generally require considerably more effort than activities that are eligible for MOC Part II credits.  But the benefits of participating in a QI project are considerable:

  • All Physicians at UAMS must maintain their Board certification which, for the majority of Boards, requires participation in a Part IV project.
  • QI projects are an invaluable tool for enabling physicians to expand their medical knowledgeimprove their practice and increase patient safety.
  • QI projects may also lead to better clinical processes, improved clinical outcomes and/or cost savings

QI projects, then, are not only a way for physicians to maintain their required board certification but also, most critically, to improve patient care.

Complete information on the MOC Part IV process at UAMS can be found here.