Enduring Materials

An Enduring Material is a printed, recorded or computer-presented activity that can be used over time, in various locations and is a planned activity.

It is a discrete and separate activity from any live presentation or RSS and requires a separate application and approval process.

Enduring Materials are accredited for a 3 year period of time.

Enduring Materials may not reside on a pharmaceutical or device manufacturer website, include links within the activity to a pharmaceutical or device manufacturer’s website or contain product specific references to advertising.

Commercial interests may not provide or distribute Enduring Materials to learners.

Documents required for accreditation of an Enduring Material include the following:

  • Application
  • Disclosure for each planner, presenter and peer reviewer
  • Documentation of any commercial support
  • Documentation of peer review from at least 1-3 content experts
  • Needs assessment documentation
  • Post Test or other assessment of learner achievement
  • Evaluation

All Enduring Materials must be reviewed by a Peer Reviewer to give feedback on these items:

  • Appropriateness of the medical content
  • Sound educational design
  • Presentation that is free from commercial bias, objective, evidence-based and is scientifically rigorous
  • HIPPA compliant
  • Learner assessment is appropriate
  • Amount of time to complete the Enduring Material.

There are specific pieces of information that must appear before the educational content of the Enduring Material can be accessed.  We call this the “landing page”.  The landing page must contain the following items to be in compliance with the accreditation standards:

PLEASE NOTE: On the landing page of your enduring material, learners must be provided with the information below in order to participate in the educational activity.

  • Knowledge gap from the application
  • Target Audience
  • Release and Expiration dates
  • Objectives
  • References used in material
  • Speaker Biography
  • Disclosures from speakers, planners, peer reviewers
  • Disclosure of any commercial support
    • If commercial support in the form of an educational grant was obtained to produce this activity
    • Listing of all commercial supporters
    • If the Enduring Material was produced with commercial support, the Commercial Supporter(s) must be appropriately acknowledged before the content is accessed
    • Commercial Supporter(s) must be appropriately acknowledged without advertising their products
    • No product specific references, links to commercial entity websites, or advertising within the content of the EM
  • Listing of planners and peer reviewers
  • Instructions on how to obtain credit
    • How to access activity
    • Post-Test (including passing score)
    • Evaluation
    • Certificate
  • Accreditation statements
    • Direct/Joint Provider statement
    • Designation statements
  • UAMS disclosure policy statement

For questions or consultation, please contact Cathy Buzbee, MHA, BSN, RNP, OCN at cbbuzbee@uams.edu